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Whats it all about?
Frontside grinds on real coping, carving tile, sessions with friends and lots of cold beer. Check it out and let me know what you think -

Whats Up
Updates: Action and random shots courtesy Fresno Nate, Chris Kelley, Chris Gilligan and Matt Moose. Links to Jim's Doghouse and Skaters For Public Skateparks.

Updates: Action, tilejar, empty pool and random shots courtesy Fresno Nate, Chris Kelley, Brent Schneider, Jon Yunker and Mark Phillips. Link to Southside Brigade

Holy Shit, an Update: Bunch of new stuff I've been sitting on... Action and tilejar shots courtesy Cohort Chris, Captain Brak, Matt Moose, JC, Bill Sargeant, Arab, Brokenmag, and Pat Garcia.

Updates: Second batch of road trip photos in the tilejar.

Updates: First batch of road trip photos, empty pools and random shots

Updates: Gone skating!

Updates: Crazy 8 wheel action from Scott K.

Updates: Action and tilejar shots from JC, empty pool from Rdog, and random shots of Swellbow'sTM Costa Rican adventure.

Updates: Big video update finally, 12 new clips. Link to Cohort Skates.

Updates: It's amazing what you can find when you know who to talk to... Northwest hospitality: a pool, tilejar, and action shot. Empty square pool from Craig Wallace.

Updates: Pools, tilejar, action and random updates thanks to Greg Hall, Swellbow, Karl Engstrom, Jason Parkes and Bill Sargeant. RIP Vagabond, thanks for the memories.

Updates: Links to fronstidefive.net, skateboardcollector and sk8supply.

Updates: A pool some action shots and random skatopia madness from Capt Brak, Dan Rea and JC. Contest at the Laguna Niguel park on May 9, info on the message board as well. Updated the links page, Fullpipe.com is now pipesnpools.com.

Updates: Damn, over a month without an update, I'm lagging. Free subscriptions for everyone, oh wait, the site is free... Hit me up for a beer next time you see me in the shallow. Boatload of pools, some action shots and more tiles for the jar. Thanks to Swellbow, David Herberg, Jamie Camp, Guy, Greg Hall and Chris Kelley for the contributions. Links to the559 and solidskate.

Updates: Vagabond days numbered--We've heard it all before, get some NOW before its too late...

Updates: Action shots courtesy Swellbow, Chris Kasey and DB, random image from deep in the heart of Texas.

Updates: Moose may be on injured reserve but that didn't stop him from sharing the good stuff: an empty pool, an action shot, tilejar goodness and a random image.

Move along, nothing to see here but the news archive